Wednesday, April 02, 2008

"Sometimes Forget": Guest Poet/Lyricist Willie J. Phillips, aka Shadowstar ex Machina

Please welcome back guest poet/lyricist/rap artist/fiction writer/artist Willie J. Phillips of Durham, NC and of the rap/hip hop group Shadowstar ex Machina. In a show of support for the ICP, our ally has written this piece on HIV/AIDS and the potential intolerance of people toward the LGBTQ community.

To learn more about Shadowstar ex Machina, please click here to email Willie directly.


Sometimes Forget

For the love of all things, please don't be offended.
This will most likely look like blame games at the ending.
I live in a nice home that I lease,
Work for monetary increase by grinding in the belly of the beast.
A simple explanation for my troubles is sufficient.
Heterosexual men and women on this mission
called life
have to be tolerant of some homosexual's rights,
playing "victim" in the spotlight.

I deserve better.
You should want the same.
Wait until it's YOUR son calling out your name
from another man's car, holding hands on their way into the bar,
in a fabulous party they call FAME.
Two months later finds out he has AIDS.
So he comes to you in confidence because his partners gaze
gives him goosebumps.
Tell me my friend, what do you say?
Face to face with the fact that your own son is gay.

Call me radical, you can even call it bigotry.
My flat earth thinking has worked throughout history.
Conspiracy theorists try blaming it on research with monkeys.
My truth is from the filth of other countries.
America the beautiful has offered to be vigilant
and still these dirty masses stay ignorant.
Please don't be blind to the obvious, or maybe you should.
Or would you like to keep segregating neighborhoods?

Maybe I'm wrong, and so are people just like me.
Even if you blame a gay person, he or she
will not change for your judgments.
And maybe when we mind our own damn affairs, it's easier to find justice.
Evaluate yourself and put yourself in someone's shoes
then ask yourself if life is here to just
encourage the ruse?
How could you stand proud, claiming to be of Christian use
but when a lesbian couple asks for help, you refuse?

Sometimes it's better to help or be quiet.
It's easy to believe, takes soul power to try it.
Unconditional love, knowledge and refinement
self mastery, good vibes and good timin'.
True justice, inner force, outer vision
brotherhood, righteousness, freedom for your children.
Fight for all you know as right, no remorse, no regrets.
No "sin" is unforgivable, so sometimes forget.

- Copyright April 1, 2008 by Shadowstar ex Machina



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