Wednesday, April 02, 2008

"Resurrection of Renewal": Welcoming Guest Poet Bill Mann

Please join me in welcoming first time contributor and poet, Bill Mann. His biography and poem follow.


Bill Mann was born in North Carolina to a poor family, Later his home was broken up, and he was raised in foster homes to the age of 19. He moved to Virginia and found his way in the world. He worked at various jobs and then found his way to God. He was married for 15 years, and had three lovely children. With his children all grown now, he has 5 grandkids. Bill is owner of Michael Ministries that helps with food and clothing in the local area. Bill also has a prayer ministry over the internet. Bill reaches out to the homeless and listens to men with issues, letting them know their issues are held in confidence with the art of care and understanding of a listening heart. Bill desires to reach out to change the world, one person at a time, one day at a time to make it a better place for all peoples to live in. For all problems in life there is always an answer. Click here to contact Bill directly.

Resurrection of Renewal

Coming of Spring
Revels a new call
Of awakening
A powerful resurrection.
New leaves, buds
And blossoms arrive
From their sleep of death.
Warmth of sunlight
Awakens their slumber,
Bringing change, renewal
Surfacing once again
Showing of vast beauty.
May you also know
Resurrection, change,
A renewal within
Causing a better you
To bud and bloom forth.
May you know peace
In your renewal of life
As the power of change
Bursts within you.

copyrighted by Bill Mann



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