Sunday, February 24, 2008

Being You from Slovo

I received a copy of Slovo’s new album, Todo Cambia, a couple of weeks ago. One of the songs, Being You, stood out to me and continues to resonate with me as a long-term survivor of HIV/AIDS. Consequently, I wrote to Dave Randall in the UK to ask his permission to share the song with the readers of the International Carnival of Pozitivities. He graciously agreed to allow me to share links to the song with you.

We all have our heroes and our angels. We know, love or care for someone who is a source of strength to help us get through the tough times of living with HIV/AIDS. I consider this song a tribute to those people who have touched my life and given me the strength to carry on. You, yourself, are likely someone's source of inspiration and even if you can't think of anyone you have inspired, know that there is no time like today to start being inspirational. All it takes is reaching out and sharing your soul with others. The more love you give, the more you receive, even when times are rough.

You can find “Being You” in a couple of places. Slovo’s Myspace Page includes a block of selected songs, including Being You, for you to sample. You can also purchase the song for download or add it to your own myspace page from there. If you want to sample some of the band’s other music, you can visit Slovo’s official site. Slovo and the contributors who made this song so beautiful have my heartfelt gratitude.

Being You

Your Superman
Lost the fight
Your guiding star
Slipped from sight
I see you're lost
Bruised and tired
But this world needs
You and all that you inspire

So try to be strong now
Keep struggling on now
And when your heart is true
Whatever else you do
Just keep on being you

Your, your life may
Be the price you pay
But I refuse
To see you lose this way

So try to be strong now
Keep struggling on now
And when your heart is true
Whatever else you do
Just keep on being you

And we'll laugh
And we'll dance
And we'll sing again

And we'll fight
And we'll strike
And we'll win again

And we'll stand on the shoulders of giants
Be who we should be....

Rhianna Kenny - lead vocals
Andrea Britton - backing vocals
Lucy Shaw - double bass
Frank Byng - ride cymbal
Dave Randall - guitars, piano cavaquinho, music and lyrics

Copyright 2007 Brixtown Music



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