Sunday, March 09, 2008

ICP 2.9 is now available at Creampuff Revolution


It is a tremendous pleasure to announce the publication of edition 2.9 of the ICP at Creampuff Revolution.  Creampuff, a.k.a., Roro, who hails from Vancouver, is our first repeat host from Canada.   I encourage you to bookmark this edition and visit it over time so that you can enjoy each of the contributions from the world of HIV/AIDS.  I hope that you will also join me in thanking Roro for her work this month.  We "met" about 2 years ago during the NHL Hockey Championship between Edmonton and the Carolina Hurricanes and have been fast friends since despite some rather competitive invocation of mojo to make our teams win the Stanley Cup.  Roro's sense of compassion combined with her sense of humor makes me quite happy to count her among my friends.


This 21st consecutive edition of the ICP features personal accounts, video, a special musical contribution from UK band Slovo, self-help information and the latest in news from the HIV/AIDS community.  I hope that you will spend some time reading and that you will leave comments for the contributors.  It is through your comments that we can hone our messages and learn how you feel about our work.  Please feel free to leave your thoughts with each of the contributors and for our gracious host.


Next Edition


Please visit the ICP homepage to learn more about this project and how you can contribute. 


We are now accepting submissions for edition 2.10  to be hosted at Mshairi. This will be Mshairi's first stint as host of the ICP although she has been a frequent contributor in the past.  Mshairi's edition will mark the first time that the ICP will have been hosted by an African host.  If you like poetry, you should check scroll through her blog.  A selection of her poetry also appears at one of my favorite sites, The Other Voices Poetry International Project, an international anthology of poetry from around the world that has been recognized by UNESCO.  Mshairi's work appears under the title Footprints



Contribute Your Work


Please join the growing community of contributors and hosts for this important international forum for genuine voices of AIDS.  If you are interested in hosting the ICP, please send me an email to volunteer and I will make the process for you as fun and rewarding as possible.  We urgently need new volunteer hosts for the ICP editions after April, 2008.  I will work with you to make the process as painless as it can be whether you are a first-time or returning host. 



Please Share with Your Friends


Please share this notice with your friends and consider posting announcements of our link on your blogs and websites.  Our continuing presence is bolstered by your participation and outreach.  Please help spread the word.



To be Removed From or Added To the ICP mailing list:


Please click here to be added to the ICP mailing list.  


To be removed from the ICP mailing list, please click here.    If you did not receive notice of the ICP from me via direct email, then I do not have your email address in the mailing list.  Please note that I can not remove an email address that does not exist on the mailing list.  Your privacy is absolutely critical and no email addresses will be shared, sold or given to any other source.  I use blind-copy distribution technology to prevent your identity from being revealed.


Peace to you and yours.


Safe Journeys!




Blogger warrior scout said...

hey ron-

thanks for the note. if you read any of my posts, you noticed that i have had quite a lot going on the last couple of weeks, so it doesn't surprise me that i might have missed an obvious point.
i am a big fan of the work you do.

thank you

3/20/2008 07:52:00 AM  

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