Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We can fund a war nationally, but not evidence gathering for rape cases in NC?

It has come to my attention that rape victims are potentially being required to foot the bill for at least part if not all of the cost of gathering evidence about their assault in the state of North Carolina. It seems wrong to me that someone who is violated in such an awful and terrible way would have to pay to have evidence gathered that might help put their assailant in jail.

The following information is provided in a petition to the NC State Government to find full funding of rape kits for the victims. You can visit and sign the petition here if you are a legal resident of North Carolina.

Here is the text of the petition:

Should Rape Victims Pay for Forensic Evidence Collection Kits?

• 3,000 survivors OF RAPE are getting rape exams every year
• Average rape exam costs $1,600
• Rape Victim Assistance Program (RVAP) only pays up to $1,000 per survivor and is only a payment of last resort (leftover expenses are billed to survivor).
• Hospitals are billing survivor’s private insurance first, RVAP will then pay remaining balance if it does not exceed $1,000 – if does exceed, survivor is responsible for the remaining balance.

Many North Carolinians are outraged! Take a stand and tell your elected officials that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We, the undersigned, ask all elected officials to ensure that rape victims in NC are not billed for evidence collection (rape kits).


The Undersigned



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