Monday, September 29, 2008

Voter Registration Totals in NC as of 29 September 2008

One of the things I just learned from visiting the State Board of Elections website is that there are 6,006,731 voters registered in the state of North Carolina (see the banner across the top of the page for updated totals). Breakdowns of this total by party are as follows as of 29 September 2008:

Democratic 2,724,021 or 45.3%
Republican 1,955,551 or 32.6%
Libertarian 1,432 or 0.02%
Independent 1,325,727 or 22.1%

It is clear from these numbers that if the Independent voters of North Carolina are leaning toward Democratic candidates as reported in the latest polls, victory for the Democratic Party could be within reach in November. It is even clearer that the focus of the Democratic Campaigns must be to reach out to Independent voters and to ensure that both Democratic and Independent voters actually go out and vote in the following weeks.

I am supporting candidates Senator Barack Obama for President and Kay Hagan for US Senate from North Carolina. I oppose the candidacy of current US Senator Elizabeth Dole because I have written to her campaign office with my concerns about the Bush Administration repeatedly over the past six years. The first response from her didn't show up in my mailbox until this year and I have to say that I was disappointed in her position. True to the points made in ongoing political ads, she fully supported President Bush and his policies, stating that she felt that "President Bush has the best interest of America at heart." Additionally, her appeals based on down-home country values are an insult to all North Carolinians, including those of us who grew up here in the countrysides of the State. Using phrases like "That Dog Won't Hunt" is no way to run a campaign about issues as important as your freedom, your economic well-being and your healthcare.

Please get out and vote for candidates who support your views and opinions, who promote a healthier economy and a more peaceful world. You can begin voting in North Carolina on October 16 at early voting sites. I will be there early myself.



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