Monday, September 29, 2008

Voter Registration Deadline(s) in North Carolina

The voter registration deadline for those who choose to vote on General Election Day, November 4th, is coming up on October 10th for North Carolinians. If you have not yet registered to vote in NC, please do so by then to ensure you have the opportunity to vote on Election Day.

If you want, there is a second option this year for North Carolina's voters. During the Early "One Stop" Voting Period of October 16th through November 1, you can register to vote and then vote in a single visit to the polls. Each county in NC has its own sites and times for Early Voting, so you will need to check your local county's Board of Elections to find out where you can go to vote during the Early Voting Period and when those locations will be operating. The North Carolina State Board of Elections has compiled this list of early voting sites by county for your convenience.

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