Thursday, September 25, 2008

Voter Registration Verification and Much More

The Obama for President campaign has organized a website where you can check to make sure that you are registered to vote in any state in the US. If you find that you are not registered, you can access further tools to make sure that you are registered before the deadlines pass. Please be sure to register soon so that you can vote in the upcoming election. Click here to visit this powerful new tool for the empowerment of voters in the US.

If you prefer, you can simply check your registration on that website and then register using paper forms by visiting your local Board of Elections. Additionally, many different events and organizations are holding voter registration drives in the days leading up to the deadline for registration.

Early Voting

In North Carolina, you can also register to vote and/or vote early in the "One Stop, No Excuse" voting plans for each county. To learn about the early voting options in your county, visit this page which shows the times and locations of early voting in your home county. To learn more about early voting and why you may want to take advantage of it, go here.

In general, early voting in North Carolina starts on October 16th and runs through November 1st, including Saturday and Sunday voting in many counties. The main requirements are that you are registered to vote and that you vote at a site in the county in which you are registered. If you decide to vote early, there will be a selection of sites from which you can choose to meet your schedule and location. If you prefer to vote traditionally on General Election Day, Tuesday, November 4th, you will need to vote at your assigned precinct's polling place.



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