Sunday, May 25, 2008

Godfist Legend: Zero7 Chapter 3 from Guest Writer Willie J. Phillips

Please welcome back the work of my friend, Willie J. Phillips of Durham, NC. Willie is a talented author, visual artist and rap artist. He is the driving force behind a local hip-hop group, Shadowstar ex-Machina, whose lyrics are thought-provoking and whose music is as professionally stunning as any that I have heard from major labels.

This post is the third in a series of chapters of Willie’s science-fiction martial arts novella, Godfist Legend: Zero7. This work is not HIV related, but it seemed to me that I could promote Willie’s work as a ally of the HIV community and as my friend. This work should offer a bit of a diversion from the usual HIV related posts for our readers. Please let us know what you think. Subsequent chapters will be posted in future months.

All images and the text in these posts are copyrighted by Willie J. Phillips. You can click on any image to enlarge it for viewing. To learn more about Willie or his music, Shadowstar ex Machina, please click here to email Willie directly.

Click here to go to chapter one.

Click here to go to chapter two.

Ron Hudson

Godfist Legend: Zero7 Chapter 3

This is bad.

As soon as we step into the Initial Scan Corridor of the reinsertion chamber, a hail of electrified crossbow charges assault the doorway. I'm at a loss for words, but the technician seems to be regaining composure. As a matter of fact, I sense something refreshing from him. His face is no longer stressed with the pressure of being my captive and a former enemy. Instead, he looks at me with concern and true fear. Not a fear of dying, but a justified fascination with the future of this battle. If we're captured, there's no doubt in my mind that it will be the last thing that we remember, and that I will be reprogrammed. But, if we make it out of here alive, then the possibilities are endless. Besides, I didn't go through the trouble of devising a plan to escape just to foul it up halfway through.
"Listen, Voshua," my companion pierces the noise and chaos with the most helpful information I could have gotten at this time.
"I know the exact way out. you'll have to protect me to get there, but I'd never steer you wrong. I'm through with this place." Apparently, he added that last part as the final reassurance of his loyalty. I answer, not vocally, but telepathically, establishing a permanent link between him, myself, and the 4000th year Fist. Suddenly, time stands almost completely still as my sub-system activates, immediately incorporating the new data--my assistant's essence and vital statistics.

...loading new entry -_o o_- o_o -_o o_-

ally file:001001...filename: Dio Crashe, assassin programming technician o_o

scanning for viruses...none found -_-

scanning for enemy file found o_-

matching to common factors in new enemy match found -_o

Golden Triumvirate Assassin's Programming Technician, Dio Crashe, 11/12/82...blood type: ?
...awaiting instructions -_- program will initiate in one minute and thirty seconds +_+

No! The Fist could instruct the system to eliminate Dio for fear of him being a possible liability. No time to waste, I have to hurry and get out of here. Quickly regaining focus, I send a message to Dio's mind, begging him to hurry and show me the way out. The door is about to buckle under the weight of the hundreds of crossbow bolts embedded in its surface. My fingers vibrate violently and develop burn from the electricity surging through them. Again I feel the swallowing sensation of space and time slowing to a near halt.

ASCETIC THEORY: "...the path to healing begins with truth"...(the truth is the need to live through current situation) =_=
.....scanning for matches to 4000th year Fist technique files...ten optimum -_o

CINNABAR TANTRUM ...loading..................load complete!...^_^


My body glows with an intense red light and instantly my hands are healed. The sensation of electrocution subsides and my mind cools, focusing on the task at hand (and focusing on the fact that I think Dio is manipulating the Fist to suit our needs...and to avoid being destroyed by it). "COME OUT!! THE CORRIDOR IS COVERED ON BOTH SIDES!! THE DOOR IS NOT OBSTRUCTED, BUT I DARE YOU TO TRY AND MAKE IT THROUGH!!!" The voice is vulgar, condescending and VERY familiar. No name necessary. This is most definitely the 'head technician' here at this vile facility. the technicians here also happen to be 'experts' in their individual styles of war. This particular technician leads the elite sniper assassination squad 'HADOU-SATSU'..the 'Killing Wave'. Rarely seen by the outer underground, the Golden Triumvirate uses them when there was nothing left to do but 'have that mark shot down immediately'.

And this is their territory....

Click here to go to chapter one.

Click here to go to chapter two.



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