Saturday, April 19, 2008

Night shots of Spring Flowers: The Return of Ron's Bush

This double-flowering kerria, a member of the rose family, looks like a yellow galaxy in the light of the moon. This is the plant that my late friend Donald dubbed "Ron's Bush". I am very pleased that it has flourished in this new site and that I have a reminder of Donald outside my back door.

Click on any image to enlarge it for viewing.

In this shot, you can see blue wood hyacinths and red azalea blooms with the lacy leaves of a green Japanese maple in the foreground.

This is a closer shot of the wood hyacinths. You can see that I have three color varieties here: blue, white and pink.

These are native miniature irises that I saved from the Little River north of Durham before it was bulldozed for the Little River reservoir.

A larger variety of irises, these blue bearded varieties are striking in daylight, although a tad too dark for night shots of their blooms.

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