Sunday, April 20, 2008

Early Voting In NC with Sites and Times by County

Early voting began in North Carolina at county-specific voting sites on April 17th and runs through May 3rd for the upcoming primary. For the first time in decades, North Carolina's voices are in play to decide who will be the Democratic nominee for the office of US President. I voted on Friday at the Durham County Board of Elections Office and found the process very simple and quick. I also met Joe Bowser, a candidate for local office here in Durham who was stumping outside the voting center. Consider this an opportunity not only to vote, but also a potential chance to meet some of the candidates and share your ideas with them before they are elected.

If you would like to vote early, you can find the list of early voting sites and times of operation for each of NC's counties at the State Board of Elections website.

If you have not yet registered to vote, you can do so at the one-stop voting sites in that list to register and vote on the same day. Please note, you can not register to vote on Primary Election Day itself, only through the One-Stop Early Voting process before May 3rd. Click here for more details about in-person voter registration at the one-stop early voting sites.

Please remember that the Presidential race is not the only one whose course you can help decide. Local, city and state offices offer a wide variety of choices for various candidacies. It is a good time to educate yourself about the candidates asking for your vote for offices in the Great State of North Carolina. Please vote, but please vote responsibly by knowing the positions of each of the candidates you support.



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