Thursday, May 01, 2008

Obama: The Truth About Gas Prices

I have wondered just how Senators Clinton and McCain propose to lift the $0.18/gallon Federal gas tax this summer without agreement from the rest of Congress and President Bush. Can anyone tell me how that might occur? I am very curious. If they have such power, then why are they not in Congress, right now, getting a bill before President Bush so that we can override his veto before the summer arrives. Or are they actually talking about waiting till summer of 2009 to do something?

I think Senator Obama's response is reasonable and honest whereas the others are saying what is needed to gain momentum before the November 2008 elections.



Anonymous Ashley Sue said...

I completely agree. I even heard this morning on MSNBC Joe talking about how Obama isn't looking out to help working class America, but the truth of it is, if making this happen (as Hillary and McCain claim they will do) surges the demand and thus further increases the price of gas... then getting slapped with the tax again when the holiday is over... how is that helpful to anyone? We've got to look ahead at all sorts of alternative fuels if we really want to make a difference, it seems.

Great post, and thanks for giving a flip about both politics and fuel. I'm not seeing quite enough of that, I fear.

5/05/2008 10:57:00 AM  

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