Tuesday, January 22, 2008

British Telly Skewers Political Idiots

A tip of the hat to Kenn Chaplin at My Journey With AIDS for posting this video from a British comedy, "Little Britain" (one, I must admit, that I do not recognize yet). It reminded Kenn of the Senator Craig affair. It reminds me of all the political idiots out there who have ever lied to the public about, oh, say, deleted tapes or emails, the scope of the dragnet mandated by "the program" or women they have slept with.

Sure, the relative importance of the lie is significant in each case, but the fact that any politician would lie undermines my ability to ever trust those individuals again. Ever. So, Senator Craig isn't gay and just has a wide-stance. The wiretapping within "the program" was not subject to Congressional review and yes, Bill Clinton never slept with that woman. At least, when Clinton lied...true, we are wont to hear, no one died. He just ruined a blue dress and was nearly impeached for it. Hypocrisy...yes, that counts too.

The American (and Canadian and British and....) public is watching and expecting more from its new crop of candidates. To hope for less would be a laughable tragedy.



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