Thursday, February 07, 2008

Slovo's Latest: Todo Cambia

The latest release from Slovo has finally made it to me and I am obligated by my sense of taste and right to encourage you to find a copy of this CD as soon as you can. The music is a blend of acoustic, electronica and hip-hop with lyrics that are topical and political or personal and touching. Whether speaking out on the subjects of personal encouragement for those burned out or decrying the material emptiness of modern marketing schemes in glossy magazines and videos, or in representing for the forgotten and oppressed peoples of the world, Dave Randall, Bobby Whiskers and Andrea Britton deliver powerful and beautiful messages.

From the song "Magazine Men":

I wanna be free
To love myself
I wanna be free
To know myself
I wanna be free
To be no one else but me

From "Many People":

Yes, I'm scared to be alone
(Rain, Rain, the old man's snoring, the whole world's warring)
And I might just lose my home
Seems you've got me living on my knees
But a change is coming, a change is coming

Change is coming. Todo cambia.



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