Tuesday, February 12, 2008

US Senate Allows Immunity for Telecom Companies

The United States Senate voted today to allow immunity for the telecom companies that provided support for the warrantless wiretapping program that President Bush supports. A role call vote by Senator shows who supported our rights as US citizens and those who sided with these companies for the unconstitutional wiretapping program.

While nearly all of the attention is on the Presidential primaries right now, we need to remember that we also have to win a larger majority in the US Senate in order to move forward from this abysmal time in US History. Both of my Senators from North Carolina, both Republicans, sided with the President on this critical issue. Many Democrats also supported the President on this critical issue. I urge you to check your own Senators' voting records on this issue and consider whether you feel you can support them in future elections. It is your privacy that has been sold out.



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