Monday, November 19, 2007

To My Friends at Davidson College: A Hat Trick

I visited Davidson College last week to speak to two of Dr. Dave Wessner's biology classes about living with HIV/AIDS. While preparing for the visit, I picked out my clothes for the day. I decided to wear my red-ribbon t-shirt from the 1993 March on Washington for LGBT Equality. This shirt features a prominent red-ribbon, the symbol for HIV/AIDS, and holds great significance for me.

After arriving at Davidson the morning of my visit, I met Dr. Wessner for the first time. It was cool that morning and I was wearing my UNC Tar Heel baseball cap and an overshirt covering the red-ribbon. After speaking to the morning class, it had warmed up significantly outside and I decided to shed my jacket and overshirt. I thought that perhaps I should ask Dr. Wessner if it would bother him to be seen with me while I was wearing my red-ribbon tee. He looked at me and said "Not at all, but that Tar Heel cap has to go!!" I laughed and put away my cap.

Later, I recounted this story to my 83-year-old Tar Heel fan of a mom. She thought it was the funniest story she had heard in some time. I reminded her that we were actually playing Davidson that evening on ESPN and she vowed to watch the game. Later, when I called to make sure Mom had survived the game, we talked about how well the Wildcats had played. I told her that I had mixed feelings about the game. It made me happy to imagine the students I had met enjoying the moments of that game when Davidson was hanging so close or even leading. Until the end of the game, I was not sure my Tar Heels were going to leave Charlotte with a win, but, they did squeak by. Barely...

Just a few minutes ago, my doorbell rang and I saw a postal worker leaving my porch. I could not imagine what package might be awaiting me, so I grabbed my keys and unlocked the door to find a package from Dr. Wessner at Davidson.

You can see the new addition to my wardrobe above. I will wear it with pride and with gratitude. Many thanks, Dr. Wessner. I can now walk down the streets of Davidson without having to expose my pate and without having to embarrass my hosts!



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