Sunday, November 11, 2007

Announcing the 17th Consecutive ICP Edition

The 17th consecutive edition of the ICP is now available at Slimconomy, out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. This edition is the second to have been hosted by a Canadian blogger and the second to be hosted internationally. Please join me in thanking Giles at Slimconomy for his participation as our host this month. As usual, this edition features personal accounts, video, self-help information and the latest in news from the HIV/AIDS community. I hope that you will spend some time reading and that you will leave comments for the contributors.

Next Edition

Please visit the ICP homepage to learn more about this project and how you can contribute.

We are now accepting submissions for edition 18 to be hosted at Drop Dead Happy. Please consider contributing your original artwork, poetry, news, personal accounts, short stories, videos or music files for the next edition. You can also nominate posts written by others for the carnival. You can either email me the URL of posts that you wish to nominate or you can complete a blog carnival submission form from the ICP homepage.

Please Share with Your Friends

Please share this notice with your friends and consider posting announcements of our link on your blogs and websites. Our continuing presence is bolstered by your participation and outreach. Please help spread the word.

Contribute Your Work

I hope that you will join the growing community of contributors and hosts for this important international forum for genuine voices of AIDS. If you are interested in hosting the ICP, please email me and I will make the process for you as painless as possible. Return hosts are welcome! We have hosts in line through December, 2007, but need to start recruiting new hosts for next year. I hope that you will consider signing up to host a specific edition of the ICP.

To be Removed From or Added To the ICP mailing list:

Please email me with the word REMOVE or SUBSCRIBE in your subject line to have your name removed from or added to, respectively, the ICP mailing list. If you did not receive notice of the ICP from me via direct email, then I do not have your email address in the mailing list. Please note that I can not remove an email address that does not exist on the mailing list.

Peace to you and yours.



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