Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Demarcation: Welcoming Guest Poet Jeannette Clariond of Mexico

Jeannette L. Clariond is a poet and translator from Chihuahua, México. She holds a degree in Philosophy, and Masters Degrees in Spanish Literature, Methodology of Science and Master of Arts.

Her articles and poems have been published in and outside of Mexico. She has participated in different congresses outside of Mexico. She is a member of the publishing committee of one the most important cultural magazines in Mexico: “Movimiento Actual”. Currently she is a member of the board of Museo de Historia Mexicana and Consejo para las Cultura y las Artes de Nuevo León. She has been a speaker in several National and International Congresses. Recently, Editorial Bruguera from Barcelona, included her work, among 39 other Hispanic women voices from Spain and other Latin American Countries.

Ms. Clariond and I have collaborated on the translation of her poetry, resulting in publication of "Todo antes de la noche" in trilingual format (Spanish, English and Romanian) in Romania, and most recently, an upcoming and beautiful book entitled "The Movements of Water".

When I thanked her for this contribution to the International Carnival of Pozitivities, Ms. Clariond wrote,"...poetry lives because it believes in suffering with others."

Please welcome Jeannette Clariond to 2sides2ron and the International Carnival of Pozitivities.



An enormous stealthy wave rose up that night.
From which fatuous vein?
From which supplicant sun in the center of the sand?
My tremor of being devoured by water was growing
and the agitation of the black branches
foretold the collapse of a constellation.
I saw the moon from the shelter of a country store.
On the far side of the desert, death of moose in Hondo.*
Then, the blind falcon glided, eyelid bleeding.
The wave hurled me to the depths of a vast, deep marsh.
Tusks of smothered elephants, sun-bleached signals or premonitions
of floating spheres in this violet night of sky and mangroves.
The seed, not taken.
The barricade
traced the limit of a city splintered by pain.

Copyright by Jeannette L. Clariond 1 July 2007. Translated by Ron Hudson.


Una enorme ola sigilosa ascendió esa noche.
¿De cuál venero fatuo?
¿De cuál sol suplicante al centro de la arena?
Crecía mi temor de ser devorado por el agua
y la agitación de las negras ramas
presagiaban el derrumbe de la constelación.
Miré la luna desde la rasgadura de la tienda.
Del otro lado del desierto la muerte en Hondo de los alces.
Acá, el ciego halcón planeó párpado sangrando.
La ola me lanzó hacia el fondo de una ciénaga larga y profunda.
Colmillos de elefantes brillaron al alba como señal o premonición
de esferas flotando esa noche violeta de cielo y mangles.
La semilla no asumida.
El cordón
marcando el límite de una ciudad astillada de dolor.

Jeannette L. Clariond
VII / 1 / 2007

*Hondo, Texas, site of a sportsman’s ranch where exotic animals are imported and killed for sport.



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