Monday, July 16, 2007

Call For Submissions: ICP 14

We have published the first edition of the ICP for Year Two and now have set our sights on the 14th consecutive edition of this forum for people living with HIV/AIDS and their allies.  Our next host is Jim Johnson of Straight, Not Narrow.  At this time, we are requesting your submissions of articles, personal stories, artwork, poetry, music, and other messages about living with HIV/AIDS or about supporting someone who does. 
Please consider submitting your work to help us fight the stigma of HIV/AIDS and to present a real vision of what it is like to live with HIV/AIDS around the world.  Our deadline for submissions is 2 August 2007 at midnight New York time.  If you would like to contribute something, but do not have a blog of your own, email me to submit your work as a guest writer at 2sides2ron, my personal blog. 
As usual, I am still seeking hosts for future editions of the ICP.  Please visit the ICP homepage and consider whether or not you would like to host a future edition. In addition, please consider linking your site to ours by including these sites in your blogroll or by including announcements of publication and calls for submissions. Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.
Safe Journeys!
Ron Hudson

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