Monday, July 09, 2007

ICP 13 is now available

I am pleased to announce the publication of the thirteenth consecutive and first edition of Year Two of the ICP.  Many thanks to my friends Jody Kuchar, Jolen Caspar and Vivi-Mari Carpelan of ScribeSpirit eZine for their efforts to produce such a beautiful edition of the Carnival.  This edition is best viewed using Mozilla Firefox browser or Internet Explorer set to maximum resolution.  When you see the artwork of Vivi-Mari Carpelan, you will understand is a feast for the eyes.  Please visit the rest of ScribeSpirit while there.  In the "Money and Power" edition, you will find an article that I have written about "Money and Power of AIDS", as well as many other submissions of art and text from around the world.
Please join me in thanking these friends for their efforts and in publicizing the ICP and in thanking all of the participants who donated time and effort to produce this month's ICP.  If you can post a brief note on your blogs/websites/newsletters announcing this edition and if you can post links to the ICP homepage, either or both actions will be greatly appreciated.  In addition, I am seeking a host for September's edition as well as any of the editions beyond October.  If you are interested in hosting the ICP in September or later, please drop me an email to let me know and I will handle the set up for you. 
The next edition of the ICP will be hosted at the blog Straight, Not Narrow.
Please feel free to share this email with anyone you know to help us spread the word that HIV/AIDS is still a killer that we need to acknowledge.
Safe Journeys!
Ron Hudson



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