Sunday, July 15, 2007

More Poetry from Mario Meléndez

I received word from Mario Meléndez of Chile twice this week to announce that his work has been featured in additional online publications. First from Blackmail Press, you will find a fairly substantial number of his poems. It does not surprise me in the least. When I was translating these poems, Mario was very diligent about helping me with nuance. I personally find his work to be striking, stunning, even shocking at times. He has a perspective that I understand and can relate to personally. I hope you will visit and let the poems sink in for a bit.

Additionally, in the Southern Ocean Review, from New Zealand, two poems of Mario's work are included: Black Symphony and The Daughter of Rimbaud.

I hope that you enjoy and appreciate Mario's work as much as I do. He is a good soul and patient man.



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