Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bush to Congress: Yours is not to either/or, Yours in just to fund my war

President Bush presented the interim report on the benchmarks of the Iraq debacle today in a live press conference. In addition to rejecting any polls that indicate American dissatisfaction with his handling of the war, President Bush basically told Congress that they should not question his stragedy for war. Rather, he thinks that their job is to provide funds for his failed strategy.

It is amazing to me that his justification for staying the course of his war is that we can not allow terrorists to become more powerful. It has been reported by worldwide organizations that the Bush Administration's war against terror has totally failed in this respect. His policies have done not much more than to destabilize Iraq, to incite recruitment of terrorists in unprecedented numbers throughout the Muslim world (see this report), to lead the US to its largest deficit ever while ignoring domestic needs, and to cause the deaths of more US troops than citizens lost in the 9/11 attack. Despite these observations, the President rejects any argument that does not leave him unfettered authority to do what he wants. He continues to show his unwillingness to listen to the democratic voices of the people in the US.

There is nothing like a bully in the world's playground that tells others to give him their lunch money. If they do not, then he punches them in the eye and blames them for the pain because they didn't do what he was trying to force them to do. Aren't Bush and his administration demanding "protection money" from the American people in a form of extortion that is based on his threats of how things will get worse if we don't give him his way? He created the environment of fear to promote this war. It is a shame that he can not be personally and solely accountable for all of the death, expense, fear and polarization of peoples in the world. Just as he has divided the US, Bush and his policies have divided the Iraqi nation to a point that neither government is functional.

The most amazing point in this whole debate is that the Republicans in Congress continue to appease this tyrant. If they want there to be a viable Republican party in the future, they might want to reconsider their blind and willing collusion with this President.



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