Thursday, June 15, 2006

Look at those Jokers

Is it just me, or does it seem that the current adminstration has a serious case of hoof in mouth disease? When the President makes fun of a reporter for wearing sunglasses and that man is suffering from a degenerative eye disease, that is a bad thing. When our President flies into Iraq and gives the current Prime Minister of that "Sovereign Nation" a five minute notice that he will be involved in 5 hours of meetings with Bush, does that make you feel like we might have a puppet government in Iraq that is sitting on someone's hand? When we have so many scandals and violations of ethics that each new one simply serves to derail the investigation of the previous one, aren't we watching a bunch of jokers who are out of control? Reagan had the most corrupt administration till his time, but no one could make anything stick to him, hence his nickname as the "Teflon President". Maybe someone needs to find a way to make something stick to this President, to his Vice President, and to his Secretary of Defense. They have all been involved in scandal. If we don't find a means to do this, then some Republican spinners down the road will be trying to rename something in every county in America for the worst US President in history.

I know, this is something so totally revolutionary to consider, but if we actually vote in the next Congressional elections and turn out the Republican leadership and their followers who are setting the agenda for the Legislative Branch, then we can forge our own new agenda that will put ethics and accountability first. Right? What do you think. Can we do it, people?



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