Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Introducing the Artwork of Stephanie Robinson

My good friend, Stephanie Robinson, is a talented North Carolina artist. I have been working with her for a while to get a website set up to showcase her artwork. Today, we finally achieved that goal with the creation of her new blog "Seasons of the Soul". It is named after her most popular artpiece, a lithograph of 11 icons that represent the stages that we go through in dealing with issues in our lives.

For now, we have only posted her artist's biography and an image of "Seasons of the Soul". We will be updating the site as possible to present additional prints/originals that are available for purchase through her site. Please email Stephanie with your phone number and the subject line "Seasons of the Soul" for more information about purchasing and commissioning new pieces.

To see examples of her artwork, please visit Seasons of the Soul.



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