Tuesday, June 13, 2006

US House Gives Away Net Neutrality

The United States House of Representatives voted earlier this week to allow telecommunications giants to restrict traffic flow and speed of access on the Internet by gutting the concept of "Net Neutrality". There are many who predict that this will allow them to exert pressure on the owners of internet sites a bit like "protection money". Those who pay a fee will be given priority over those who do not and smaller sites will suffer as a result. We may find ourselves wading, rather than surfing the web for our favorite sites.

Find out how your Representative voted on this issue and let him or her know how you feel about it. I know, for example, that the Honorable Representative David Price of Durham, NC, voted to retain Net Neutrality and its tenets of equal access to and for all. I have consequently called his office to thank him for his support. If your representative didn't stand with Congressman Price, you should call them up and give them a piece of your mind.



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