Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Liddy Dole beats the bushes of the Republican Faithful

Don't you know that is painful?

From the Stonewall Democrats, we learn where our Senator "Liddy" Dole is putting her focus. Is she thinking of dealing with the Iraq war? Is she concerned with gas prices? Is she worried about ethics in the Bush Administration? I can't say because she is focused on beating the bushes as a Republican fear-mongerer to raise money for the party. It would seem that my "lifestyle" is too much for her and her fellow Republicans to bear. I mean, really, if I were to get full citizenship rights, it might ruin her marriage! If she is truly threatened by gays, she should start by looking at the ones who work in the closets of the Republican Party first, don't you suppose?

Here is the press release of the Stonewall Democrats:


Dear Friends,

Please do not read any further if you are easily shocked, or are faint of heart. But, "radical homosexuals" are threatening our American way of life. But, fear not my friend, Detective Elizabeth "Liddy" Dole is on the case!

Just last week, Detective Dole sounded the alarm about the work of "a radical gay group" called the Stonewall Democrats. "The Stonewall Democrats support 'marriage equality' for homosexuals," wrote Elizabeth Dole in a news release sent to the press and to Republican campaign donors.

The Horror

Indeed, as we speak, Stonewall Democrats are organizing against our Republicans, threatening the very monopoly that our Grand Ol' Party has over divisive issues like 'gay marriage'. You may laugh them off as simply a grassroots organization, but our friend Liddy Dole isn't - and neither is our friend Rick Santorum.

Recent press reports revealed that the Santorum campaign snuck staff members into the recent national convention of the Stonewall Democrats to record their actions. What they saw would disgust you: nearly 300 grassroots activists from across the country were trained by these people to defeat our candidates and our ballot initiatives this fall!

Please Help

At their recent gathering for their convention in Pittsburgh, these same Stonewall Democrats pledged allegiance to our American flag and saluted their veterans in attendance - yes, they have already infiltrated our armed forces! They may appear American, but our Republican leaders in the United States Senate know they aren't fully American. That's why the GOP voted this week to stop them from marrying like the rest of us.

It May Already be Too Late

Consider what these radical Stonewall Democrats have already done:

OHIO - This past year, the Cleveland Stonewall Democrats elected three members to local office --two of whom defeated anti-gay incumbents! One incumbent that we helped knock out was City Councilman Jimmie Hicks Jr., who sued the city of Cleveland Heights to block a domestic partner registry approved by voters in 2004. Stonewall members knocked on doors, staffed phone banks, and helped mail over 10,000 pieces of literature.

CALIFORNIA - Stonewall’s 14 chapters in California played a key role in helping progressives and labor defeat four of Governor Schwarzenegger’s special ballot initiatives. Schwarzenegger recently vetoed the marriage equality bill that passed the California legislature.

For those of you who are confused, this was written in "Sarcasm", a widely used language in the gay community. We have to watch out for Liddy, folks. She is quiet in North Carolina, a stealth weapon against freedom and equality for all Americans. We hardly ever hear what she is actually doing for us in Washington. I wonder if she knows that she isn't from Kansas anymore.

Is it just my distaste, or do any of you share a concern that Santorum would send operatives to infiltrate the Stonewall Democrats and then report back to the Republican Party? I am old enough to remember the name "Tricky Dick" and his antics of similar nature. Maybe we need to start talking about "Tricky Rick" now.

WHY are these people so totally freaked out by people who are different from them? Xenophobia and intolerance are not American values, but they would have you believe that they are. I prefer, as I have said before, an America of Inclusion, Equality and Freedom. To quote that threatening punk-rock singer Elvis Costello who currently sings with Burt Bacharach, "Whats so funny about peace, love and understanding?"



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