Saturday, June 17, 2006

Googling Stephanie E. Robinson

It has been a good day and a productive one as well. I have been helping my close friend Stephanie Robinson of Durham, NC. She is a local visual artist whose work I greatly admire. We are trying to increase her internet presence by blogging and posting images of the artwork that she has for sale. In the process, we learned that getting on the radar of Google for an easy internet search is not as simple as it might otherwise seem. We set up her blog last weekend, and today, we posted the second of her art pieces online so far, an original work entitled "Soul Map to Freedom". I have wanted this piece ever since I first saw it, but I just can’t find the funds for it right now. I take solace in knowing that if and when things improve financially for me, Stephanie will likely oblige me by custom making a similar work for me. You can see why I love this work when you see the detail of the squares that comprise the overall piece.

After my daily afternoon nap (I normally hit a wall in mid-afternoon), I did a Google search of “Stephanie E. Robinson” and “Seasons of the Soul” to find that our efforts have paid off. Now, instead of finding the hundreds of other products that are titled “Seasons of the Soul”, Stephanie’s blog pops up first on the list in a Google search. A search on just her name, “Stephanie E. Robinson” has the same effect, placing her at the top of a short list of entries. I am very happy to see that we have provided her the means to be found online without difficulty. For years, people have been calling to tell her that they had seen her work and had the most horrible time locating her. Once I had blogged about her a couple of times, people found her through my blog. Now she can be found independently of me. That is great progress for her and she deserves the exposure. If you wish to email her directly about purchasing some of her artwork, please email to and include the subject line "Seasons of the Soul."



Blogger Erin said...

Holy crap Ron... that was SO fast that Google found her. I did the same 2 searches 2 days ago and got a bunch of gobbledy-gook. I wonder what I did wrong for so long with Poetic Acceptance!? haha well, glad to see she's become visible :)

6/18/2006 10:24:00 AM  

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