Thursday, January 12, 2006

What a beautiful day...

It is sunny and the temperature here in Durham today is 65º F. It could not be a more fitting day for welcoming a friend from Australia, via London, England.

Ian and I have many things in common. He and I worked for the same company although on different sides of the globe and we both have an abiding love for basketball. Tomorrow, we will visit Chapel Hill and the Dean E. Smith Dome where we will watch some of the men's basketball practice session. We are both excited about this. I may even find it in my heart to drive him over to Coach K-land, but I am not sure I am that generous...afterall, we can practically see the steeple of Duke Chapel from my home.

We actually met through the 1 Giant Leap bulletin board, having shared, as well, a love for the music and movie that Duncan Bridgeman and Jamie Catto created. This summer, Ian and his wife Nerida met me in London when I was on the road and we shared a couple of meals. Now it is my turn to entertain.

I know that our visit will go well...after all, the weather is cooperating nicely.



Anonymous susan said...

uuh yay... have lots of fun!! :)
*waves ian*
take some piccies ;)


1/12/2006 05:38:00 PM  

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