Monday, November 07, 2005

Walk On Water

I found a gay-themed film that is worth watching, if you enjoy espionage and intrigue. This film from Israel, known in English as Walk on Water, is directed by Eytan Fox and stars Lior Ashkenazi, Carola Ranier, Knut Berger, Hans Tischler, Gideon Shemer and Yousuf Swaid. The basic storyline involves counter-terrorism and the hunt for former Nazis spanning from Israel to Germany and, indirectly, Argentina. One of the main characters is gay and there are many beautiful moments of homoerotic nature, although nothing explicit except for a little bit of full-frontal male nudity. I think the film appealed to me, not only for the beauty of its actors, but also for the movement of their characters through difficult situations to a better plane of existence. The soundtrack is very interesting, involving a mix of sixties German pop to techno remakes of and original songs by Buffalo Springfield and Bruce Springsteen.

Another aspect of the film that was appealing was the generally good presentation of the gay community. Gay characters were shown in a matter-of-fact nature with little judgment, except in the case where the non-gay characters are reacting later to their presence. I felt that this is a realistic portrayal of gay life, and that the negative aspects of the film were depicted as issues about acceptance within the souls of the non-gay characters.



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