Monday, October 31, 2005

Love from the Afterlife

I have one last round of family ghost stories to share with you. One of my uncles preceded my aunt in death by a number of years. One night, she was home alone, sitting in bed reading, when she heard three sharp knocks on the front door of her house. She started to rise from bed to answer the door, but she then heard three sharp knocks on the back door of her house. Immediately, she sensed a presence in her bedroom with her and she became frightened. After a few minutes, she heard the sound of footsteps approaching her bed. The bed then moved as if someone had climbed into bed with her. Abruptly, she said that she sensed the feeling of arms enveloping her in an embrace, a loving, warm embrace that lasted for a few minutes. When the embrace was over, she said the bed moved and the footsteps returned, but moving away from her. There were three sharp knocks on the back door of the house, followed by three more on the front door and she was filled with a sense of intensely deep peace. She said that she knew that her former husband had come back to show her his love from the afterlife.

º º º

Her daughter was once married to a man who had dived into an empty pool and was crippled as a result. During her life, his mother had been a doting care-taker and saw to his every need. My cousin grew accustomed, after the death of her mother-in-law, to waking to find the woman standing at the foot of their bed, or standing by the side where her son slept, where she could be seen stroking his head. My cousin said she would simply say "Hello Mother K!" and go back to sleep.

º º º

From my family of friends, I have one last story to leave with you. When my friend J* was ill with AIDS, he stayed with my friend B* at her home in Northern Virginia because his lover, D*, was renovating their Capitol Hill home. He was very happy while there, and apparently came back to visit often after he died.

Earlier in their relationship, B* won tickets for an obscure film Nadine and couldn’t find anyone to go with her. J* agreed, and they went to the movies together. Years later, after J* had passed over, B* was in a video store looking for a film to rent. As she made her way down the last aisle of the store all alone, a video box flew horizontally off the shelf and dropped at her feet. She picked it up and was amazed to see that the film that had been dropped at her feet was, indeed, Nadine!

J* would also apparently pay many visits to her home and would give indications of his having visited. Items such as wallets would disappear and would be found hidden on the top shelves of closets, behind the winter bedclothes that had been stored. One particular event struck me as most unusual. B*’s roommate left the house one afternoon to buy cigarettes. He was gone for only a few minutes, and no one else had been in the house during his absence. When he returned, he put the key in the front door and unlocked it, but could not open the door because it was blocked from the inside. When he walked around to the back of the house and came through the backdoor, he found that a tall fan that they used to cool the house, a fan that stood about four or five feet from base to top had been nudged up against the door from the inside. J* was apparently a trickster of a sprite, and always had good energy associated with him, but his antics were fairly recognizable.

Happy Halloween everyone!



Blogger Dr. Chris said...

These are amazing stories! Growing up in rural Lousiana my family had a long tradition of these kind of stories as well. Thanks for sharing.

11/02/2005 08:43:00 AM  
Blogger Nelson Clemente said...

The first story was especially lovely! Thanks for that!


11/02/2005 10:30:00 AM  

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