Friday, October 28, 2005

An Excellent Article about Poverty

Here is an excellent series of definitions of what it means to be poor. After having read the list, I thought of people who were dear to me and what I could add to the list.

Here are my additions:

Being poor is using kerosene lamps, outdoor toilets and hand pumped water.

Being poor is picking up pop bottles for the redemption money they bring.

Being poor is begging the local store owner to let you buy on credit when you both know you can't pay.

Being poor is asking the store owner's kid to sell you an ax on credit when his dad is at lunch.

Being poor is having to move because you couldn’t spare a bale of cotton a year for rent.

Being poor is eating mayonnaise sandwiches.

Being poor is having all your possessions in a mule-drawn cart when you move and being taunted by the neighbors who say "Is that all you have?"

To see the original list, please visit the site Being Poor in America and visit the original source John Scalzi's "Whatever".



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