Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A Tribute to my Hero Donna Kline

In 2003, my good friend and former co-worker Donna Kline, wrote me to tell me that she was running the Honolulu AIDS Marathon in my honor. I was completely blown away by the love and compassion that she showed me. It set me on a path to continue trying to spread the word that AIDS is still a devastating disease that affects over 40 million people worldwide. Many people have benefited from the development of new drugs, but most people in the world are unable even to afford the test to determine if they are infected. Africa is particularly hard-hit with AIDS and this disease is becoming more and more of an issue in other developing regions of the world.

Tonight, Donna wrote to me to tell me that she is running in another marathon in my honor. I am pleased to share with you her website and encourage you to have a look and find a way to support Donna and others living with HIV/AIDS in the US and the world.

You can read about Donna’s efforts at Donna Kline’s AIDS Marathon Donation Page.



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