Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Nata Village Blog Update: Thank you!!

I received the following email today from Melody Jenkins at Nata Village Blog:

Dear Ron,

Hope all is well for you this 2008. As I told you before I gave away a lot of the glasses that were primarily for reading. I want to direct you to the website so you can see the impact you made on our elderly in Nata.

I had about 16 pair of the strongest prescription glasses left and I took them to Manakanagore ward for the elderly to try. It was so amazing. These folks were nearly blind and you gave them an opportunity to see again. I've been doing development work for almost 11 years and I've got to tell you that when I helped one of the women put on her glasses and she looked at me directly in my eyes, she was so stunned and happy that she could see my face. It was a moment I will never forget.

All of them together were so happy and looking at each other and laughing. It was great. They even began to sing. What a day. Thanks for letting me be your vehicle to do your good work.

All the best,


PS Please send along thanks to the others you know who sent glasses. I wasn't able to log on to that message board as it took to long with my slow server.

It is very heartwarming to me that we were able to bring vision back to these few beautiful elderly ladies in Botswana. It was your efforts as individuals that made a huge difference for those in Nata and surrounding villages who are in need. I feel that I do not deserve any praise for raising an issue and making it known to those of you who actually did something to remedy the problem, but I am very proud to have friends and acquaintances who believe in the power of sharing and love for one another. I, too, send you my thanks in return for those that Melody sent me.

If you have more prescription or reading glasses that you need to discard or recycle, please consider sending them to Nata Village. From reading this blog, I have also learned that eyeglasses are just one of the many needs in Nata Village. If you have medical supplies, good-condition scrubs from your work as a healthcare professional, clean towels, clean bedding, etc., those items that we take for granted could be very helpful to the people of Nata. You can mail your glasses or other supplies to:

Nata Village Clinic
c/o Ms. Melody Jenkins
Box 144

I hope that you will choose to help someone, whether in your own local community or in the global community. It is your giving of yourself that makes miracles.



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