Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Yes, We Can"

Barack Obama has made me hopeful for a great change in our country and the world. Yes, I know, the pendulum swings widely in the course of a lifetime. In many ways, 2008 seems more like 1968 to me than I would care to believe. In 1968, we had an unpopular war, a Republican administration that was corrupt and widespread violence and unrest in our own country. In 1968, we had hope in the form of Robert F. Kennedy, only to see our hopes shot down by an assassin. Now we see widespread unrest throughout the world, two unpopular wars, assassinations of other world leaders and perhaps the most corrupt administration in US history in Washington, DC. In 1968, we had warnings of pollution and in 2008, we have dire warnings of climate change brought on by our failure to act. Stasis seems to have been the net result of swinging from Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton and the current President Bush. It is time to end an era of Republican domination of the government and make things happen that must happen to improve our world.

Obama's message of hope and empowerment to change the status quo resonates with me so deeply, I suspect, because my past hopes for positive change have been lost over the course of my lifetime. I see other candidates who seem to be part of the machinery that keeps us where we are as a nation. I have hope that we can break out of the divisive mentality that has pervaded this nation for too many years and find candidates for the US Congress to support a newly elected leader and his hopes for the future.

This video from the Pointer Sisters of their song "You Can Can" conveys a message that Obama seemed to initiate in his speech from New Hampshire. I hope that we finally can make this world a bit more humane and sustainable.



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