Monday, October 01, 2007

Guest Writer Royce Hardin on Personal Power

I welcome back my friend Royce who has contributed to the International Carnival of Pozitivities in the past. Please join me.

Reflections on my experience at Positively Social of New England Fall, 2007 retreat held September 21 through 23 at Pilgrim Lodge on Coboseecontee Lake, Maine.

At nearly 51 years of age, through the experiences I enjoyed, and the acquaintances I encountered through a weekend retreat with over 130 other HIV infected or affected individuals, I have finally found the peace of my power.

Each individual has a power that others may feel - a projection of energy to be used; felt through looking in one’s eyes, or projected through one’s actions, deeds or words.

For all these years, I have feared my power, letting it be directed by others, or yielding my control over the directions in which I choose to use this spiritually derived tool. Of course, there have been occasions when I have been cognizant of using my power, my inner energy in both positive and negative fashion. Yet, my overwhelming realization that the use of this energy (given to all creations and shaping the entire universe) is truly and amazingly at the tip of my fingers waiting to be used and held on to.

It does not matter the age at which one comes to this realization. What is important is that one does recognize the magic of one’s power. I will no longer fear that my inner power can drive me mad, that it will only create chaos or pain. Quite the opposite, it allows me the opportunity to help others realize the same in themselves; to stop squandering their goodness and let it work to help mend the pain I put upon ourselves and those I am in relationship with, and to impact the world in an absolutely, yet not always recognizably positive manner.

William R. Hardin



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