Monday, September 10, 2007

ICP 15 is now Available at Living Mindfully with HIV (1)

Dear Friends of the International Carnival of Pozitivities (ICP):


The 15th edition of the ICP is now available at Living Mindfully with HIV/AIDS.  This edition includes a video from Angelique Kidjo and Joss Stone for relief for Darfur, a special gift offer from me for your contribution to an AIDS charity of your choice, HIV/AIDS news from around the world, more addiction recovery help, a very special introduction to "Big Love" or "Arohanui", and much more.  Please take a few moments to read and leave comments, particularly for your host, James Wortz, who has done yet another great job despite a bout of bad health in the last few days. 


Next Edition


Please visit the ICP homepage to learn more about this project and how you can contribute.  We are now accepting submissions for edition 16 to be hosted Ogre's Politics and Views.  Please consider contributing your original artwork, poetry, news, personal accounts, short stories, videos or music files for the next edition. This next edition is very special.  I have approached the host, Mr. Ogre, to participate as an outreach to a conservative political community that normally may not hear from people living with HIV/AIDS.  Please consider this an opportunity to share your stories with a group of people who may not normally think of HIV/AIDS as often as we do and how you might make your case for teamwork with people who may not necessarily agree with you.


Please Share with Your Friends


As usual, I would like to ask you to post a announcement of this edition and a permanent link to the ICP homepage (you can get a widget there as well) on your blogs or websites and to share the word of the ICP with your readers and friends.  The more people who know about the ICP, the more likely it will be that we will continue to receive excellent contributions.  In fact, feel free to nominate your own HIV/AIDS related contributions from your favorite blogs or websites.  The most powerful stories are those of personal nature, so I would encourage you to seek out or write personal accounts and to share them with the ICP.  There are many more of you than of me, so join me in the search for quality blogs that share personal stories about HIV/AIDS from around the world.  We have hardly begun to tap into the situation in Asia, so blogs from that region of the world are particularly welcome.


Contribute Your Work


I hope that you will join the growing community of contributors and hosts for this important international forum for genuine voices of AIDS.  If you are interested in hosting the ICP, please email me and I will make the process for you as painless as possible.  Return hosts are welcome!


To be Removed From or Added To the ICP mailing list:


Please email me with the word REMOVE or SUBSCRIBE in your subject line to have your name removed or added to the ICP mailing list.


Peace to you and yours.


Ron Hudson



Poundcake Love

The International Carnival of Pozitivities (ICP)




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