Thursday, September 13, 2007

Leading From the Left--Mike Nelson runs for NC Senate from Orange County

I received the following press release from Orange County Commissioner Mike Nelson concerning his bid for a seat in the NC Senate. Please take a moment to check out his blog, Leading from the Left, and the press release below. Mike would be a good friend for the LGBTQ and progressive communities of North Carolina and a strong ally in the NC Senate. If elected, he will join Sen. Julia Boseman of New Hanover County as the only openly gay and lesbian members of the NC Senate. I hope you can support his campaign.

The Nelson for State Senate campaign set a goal of raising our first $25,000 by Labor Day. We made that goal, due in large part to those of you who responded to our last email appeal.

But we can't stop now. We can make history for NC's lesbian and gay community! If elected, I'll be the first openly gay man elected to our State Senate. Expanding our presence in Raleigh is key changing how North Carolina treats the LGBT community.

And, that's what this campaign is about-changing North Carolina.

Whether we're talking about changing the way North Carolina views the LGBT community, or doing a better job of protecting our environment, or protecting a woman's right to choose, or providing more access to quality health care-this campaign is about changing how North Carolina does business.

My 13 years in elected office-as a Town Board member, as Mayor and now as a County Commissioner-have given me the experience to help shape our state's future. And you too can help lead NC into a bold, brighter future.

Please help us raise another $25,000 by September 30th. Demonstrating that my campaign can raise the kind of money necessary to win this race is the key step right now. Key political leaders are watching to see which of the presumed candidates emerges with the best organization and strongest finances. The next few months are important, and your enthusiastic support is crucial.

Please go to our website and contribute today or mail a check to Nelson for State Senate, PO Box 825, Hillsborough, NC 27278.

Thanks, in advance, for making this campaign as strong as it can possibly be. And you can do one more thing to help. Forward this email along to your friends and ask them to support our campaign. Doing so will help us reach a broader cross section of the community.

Mike Nelson

Candidate for NC State Senate



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