Wednesday, August 01, 2007

NC Senate Waters Down School Bullying Bill---Please take action NOW

I just received this note from Equality NC. The NC Senate has removed the list of protected categories from the School Bullying Prevention Act. This is a critical part of the Bill to ensure protection for the most vulnerable students in primary and secondary schools in North Carolina. We need your quick action to help preserve the inclusive nature of the bill as passed in the NC House.


First the good news. The School Violence Prevention Act is finally moving through the Senate!

Now, the reason I need your help. The Senate's version of the bill removes the list of categories of students most impacted by bullying and harassment, including sexual orientation and gender identity.

We need the House to vote NOT TO CONCUR with the Senate version, so a conference committee can work out the differences and present the strongest final bill possible.

***Click the link below to email your representative and ask them to vote NOT to concur with the Senate.***

As you know, keeping sexual orientation and gender identity in the bill is so important in creating a safe environment in our schools. This is our last chance to get this important bill through this year and protect our LGBT young people. Your help can make a difference.

If you can take a moment to follow up your email with a phone call, please call your Representative and leave a message: "Please vote NOT to concur with the Senate version of House Bill 1366."



P.S. There's not much time. Please send a message right now:



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