Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Congratulations America on a Close Vote Victory for Freedom

CNN just announced the results of the US Senate vote on the Federal Marriage Amendment. In a 49-48 vote, the proposal to write discrimination into the US Constitution was defeated. The Religious Right, having seen their imminent defeat on this issue, had predicted that they would gain at least a symbolic 51 votes and that this would indicate momentum on their agenda. It is particularly pleasing to me to see that only 48 of the US Senators voted for discrimination, but the close nature of the vote is disturbing. If the nation is represented truly by the US Senate, then about half of the people in the US are willing to discriminate against gay people where the rights of marriage are concerned. We have work to do in educating our family, neighbors and Representatives in Congress and the White House.

For those of us in North Carolina, we have the dubious distinction of having both of our Senators, Senator Elizabeth Dole and Senator Richard Burr, co-sponsor and support the passage of this bill. Please remember this on your first opportunity to vote them out of office.



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