Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sarah McLauchlan's "World on Fire" video brings global consciousness

My friend Jamie Catto of 1 Giant Leap brought this video to my attention today by posting it on the 1 Giant Leap Bulletin Board . I hope that I can find the technical skills to make this work for you as a plug-in movie file, but for now, please visit Sarah McLauchlan's video of "World on Fire" to put western culture into perspective.

Very good, very touching, very real and true about our priorities in general. Talk about paradigm do we get people to forsake the glossy, the fashionable and the popular for the basics of humanity for others? I know not all will get it, but perhaps we are learning individually. Good on Sarah...her music is as beautiful as those images are haunting and sometimes beautiful too.



Blogger Nelson Clemente said...

I love the whole concept of this video clip (Sarah is a gem of an artist). So much so that I wrote a post about it myself here:

Great minds think alike!


5/02/2006 06:48:00 PM  

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