Sunday, March 19, 2006

Go Heels!!!

Well, it was a surprising run by a very young Tar Heel men's team this year, but we just didn't seem to have the spark we needed in the NCAA tournament. Perhaps the young guys got a case of the nerves, but we had an ugly win over Murray State on Friday and today lost to a very determined George Mason team. Congratulations to the Patriots.

Meanwhile, the Lady Tar Heels have advanced to their second round game in a chance for a second national title. Interestingly, in 1993, our men's team won the national championship and lost out in the next year. However, our 1994 Lady Tar Heels won the title on a last second three-point shot that I just happened to channel-surf into as it happened. Could it be that last year's men's title will be followed by a women's championship this year? I would love to see it happen.

My heart rate has almost come down to a comfortable level now, so I guess I might survive the loss by my beloved Tar Heel men. Passion can be silly, but what would life be without it?



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