Friday, October 28, 2005

Imposter Syndrome

A good friend of mine recently visited after a long drought in communication, and we discussed our perceptions of how our friendship has changed over the years. During the discussion, my friend mentioned the "Imposter Syndrome" and how he has limited himself at times based upon his feelings of inadequacy. I understood the concept almost immediately without further research, because I have lived it as a gay man in the closet. I am happier and feel more at ease since I have come out to all of my family and friends. Realizing this, I wonder just how many of us can’t live up to our potential as human beings because we know our deepest, darkest secrets and we fear that others will find out.

I found the following link to Caltech’s student counseling service about Imposter Syndrome and its symptoms and causes. Many of them sound very familiar to me and I hear comments from gay and lesbian friends who often experience the same kinds of self-doubt.



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