Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Seventh Tar Heel Tavern to Be Hosted Here

The Seventh Tar Heel Tavern will be hosted here, Sunday, April 10, 2005.

I will be hosting the Tar Heel Tavern #7 this coming weekend! We just had a wonderful turnout with an excellent hosting job at Chewie’s World Order of Greensboro. I hope that the turnout this coming weekend will be equally prolific and varied in theme.

Here are the rules for posting:

All entries must be received by midnight, Saturday, April 9, 2005. You can email your entry to Ron Hudson. Please indicate "The Tar Heel Tavern" in the subject line of your email so that I can pick it out of my spam filter.

In the body of your email, please include:

1) The name of your website.

2) The name of your blog (entry) for this week.

3) The URL (permalink) to your entry for this week.

4) A brief synopsis of your blog to describe it as you would want it described.

I am going to try to get this week’s Tavern published overnight between Saturday and Sunday, but depending on volume of entries, I reserve the right to post a blog stating when the publication will take place if postponement is necessary. If you have questions, email me.



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