Monday, June 05, 2006

Tar Heel Tavern #68 at 2sides2ron this coming weekend

Next Sunday's Tar Heel Tavern will be here at 2Sides2Ron.

My suggested theme is:

"... 'Belonging'
When have people made you feel loved unconditionally, a part of the crowd, one of the crew, a family member and so on and when have they not. Isn't belonging what we all seek on so many levels? Perhaps if we all felt more like we belonged, we wouldn't need so many divisions in this world right now. Idealistic of me? Yes, but we have to strive for better or life won't be much to brag about, eh? If anyone just wants to submit out of theme, though, let them come. I am an all-inclusive, equal-opportunity provider!..."

So send your permalinks to by Saturday evening at midnight.

I have already received my first submission from Scrutiny Hooligans! This should be a good sign of a great turn-out.



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