Monday, June 05, 2006

Federal Marriage Amendment Debate Starts Today

The US Senate is due to begin debate on the Federal Marriage Amendment today. Not since the original US Constitution was righted by the US Civil War, the Emancipation Proclamation, and multiple voting rights amendments and the Civil Rights movement of the 1960's has there been such a threat of codified discrimination in this country.

Please call your senators' offices TODAY and tell them where you stand on the Federal Marriage Amendment. Do you support any change that would take the US Constitution a step backward in time by creating another second-class group of citizens in the US? Are you aware that there are over 1000 rights of marriage that are conveyed to heterosexual couples that would be denied to their homosexual counterparts if this amendment were to pass? We are not talking about forcing any church to marry people against the will of its congregation. Instead, we are talking about equal protection under the law and access to rights that most people take for granted.

Since the US Senate has the power to defeat this bill this week, it is imperative to let your Senators know now where you stand. If you live in North Carolina, please call Senators Dole (toll free: 866.420.6083)
and Burr (toll free: (800) 685-8916) and leave a message today.

President Bush supports this amendment. You can call the White House at 1-202-456-1111 and leave your message for him at the White House Comment Line as well.

The zealots of the Religious Right are coming after gay people now. Will you be next? Stand up for freedom now while it still exists.



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