Tuesday, May 23, 2006

In awe of the Chicks

I once worked for a good man who advised me about standing up for my principles. He told me that if I held a strong conviction, then I had to defend it even if it meant that I might lose my job over it. It was a good lesson and one that took me years to incorporate into my life. When I finally accepted myself unconditionally, I started to live his advice.

Tonight I wish to salute three true American heroines: Natalie Maines, Emily Erwin, and Martie Seidel, also known as The Dixie Chicks. Their new album "Taking the Long Way" is being released this week and I just purchased my copy. Their new single and video is powerful, entitled "I'm Not Ready To Make Nice." When they dared to speak their minds about the current President a few years ago, they were made out to be bad girls who didn't support American values. It proved to be a difficult experience for the three members of the band. I have heard about the hate mail they received, of the people who walked out on them, and of the radio stations that quit including them on their playlists. I found these actions more un-American than speaking one's own truth. It was as if some Americans expected them to sit down and shut up if they had an opinion.

I think this album brings them full circle after having passed through the fire of that experience. It seems that they have learned to love themselves unconditionally and to hear the beating of their own hearts. This album promises a new start for these beautiful, talented and brave women. I hope you will support them in their quest for truth by purchasing a copy of this album.

I ask you, what could be more American than freely expressing your opinion about how this country is being managed? The answer might just well be that there is one thing more genuine: speaking your mind and then sticking around to defend your opinion.

I am a fan, ladies. Thank you for your work.

Visit their website to hear their new songs and to learn more about the group.



Blogger Samantha said...

Ron, thank you for this post. I have been a fan of the Dixie Chicks since 1998, and I am still a huge fan of them now.

I just bought their new album last week (pre-order) and listened to it on music.aol.com and msn.com (they have it on full album preview). It is the best out of all of their albums.

I feel that they are the bravest people America has seen in the past 5 years and some of the most talented, and beautiful individuals, let alone performers and musicians, in a long time.

I find it funny, that when their debut album (well their first one to hit big) was released, they were once called the "Spice Girls of country music", 8 years later they are on the cover of TIME magazine. They have matured so much in the past 8 years, hell, the past 3 years, and I've matured right along with them.

The Chicks have been one of my favorite groups, and will continue to be till I have my last breath.

Look at my past blog post,
Chicks grace the cover of TIME
for my raving of the Chicks.

5/23/2006 02:19:00 PM  
Blogger Samantha said...

i did see the video for their single, 'Not ready to make nice', its on the blog post I mentioned in my above comment. :) And also, you are mentioned in my most recent post on my blog.

5/23/2006 05:41:00 PM  

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