Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Welcome to the Zoo

Judging from the look on this baboon's face, you would never expect that he was in the process of receiving a blowjob, would you? Yep..right there at the North Carolina zoo in Asheboro. I guess that explains the lack of cleanliness on the glass that separated us. The moms at the zoo that day were asked by their kids what was happening and they replied that the baboon was "playing with the other baboon" before rushing their kids on to the next exhibit.

It would seem that President Bush has prevented Scooter Libby from playing with other inmates to pay for this administration's crimes against the nation. It is very demoralizing to me to know that power and privilege can flaunt themselves so very openly, as if the powerful and privileged were baboons forcing public blowjobs on average Americans. I am just waiting for them to take the roll of Mom and to lie to us because they deem it is inappropriate for us to know the truth.

It isn't enough that Bush and Cheney have held Congress, our only true voices left in Washington, in contempt, but now they reverse their own positions on applying Federal guidelines to sentencing in the Judicial Branch of government. Although the Office of President clearly has the right to commute sentences, is it ethical and proper for this President to declare "I think this is appropriate" and bypass the Judicial system that should apply blindly to us all? What else might he find appropriate? How far will we allow him to go?

I can only say that it appears that this administration will stop at nothing to further their own agenda. I can not tell you what their real agenda is, but it seems that each new diversion, (e.g., the war, terrorism, immigration reform, stem-cell research, Justice Dept. firings, Don't Ask, Don't Tell, gay marriage, gay adoption, etc.) is a new deception to keep us from finding their true aim. It is time we stopped chasing their leads down dead-end streets and go straight for the real problem. These men are not acting in the best interest of America. If they were, they would be more concerned about showing that justice prevails and that cronyism is not condoned. If they were, they would answer the questions posed by Congress and provide the documentation that Congress has demanded about their activities.

Again, impeach Bush and Cheney and clean this house of cards. It is time for the Republican members of Congress to get on board with honor, dignity and justice and to introduce their own impeachment proceedings. If a blowjob almost got President Clinton impeached, what about a good old fashioned slow screw by this current President and his administration?

(Photograph courtesy of Roger.)



Blogger Jody Kuchar said...

My first thought was that they couldn't claim that Libby had a heart attack and died a la Ken Lay - the Bush administrations version of the witness protection program is awful costly considering each time they "kill off" another public offender, they basically have to buy an island to hide the bastard on.

And what is congress waiting for anyways? Although what a 'slap on the wrist' impeachment really is.

Personally, I believe they are waiting until it is closer to elections (or just after them) so they can declare the pandemic to end all pandemics, kill every bird on the continent, then remain in office via the revisions to Posse Commitatus.

Bush sucks... just ask Sunkist - it is his favorite thing to say after "WANKER!"

7/03/2007 11:07:00 AM  

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