Thursday, March 01, 2007

Welcoming Guest Writer: Cereal Killer

Cereal Killer has been performing for about seven years in the United Kingdom. He started writing after 19 friends died from AIDS related illnesses over four years and a friend suggested performing his written material on stage. His first show was the day of Princess Diana's funeral (good timing, huh?) and it has been up hill ever since. He will be touring this year around August (He is looking for international dates!) and will have a new website up soon at (nothing there yet).

You Like Me

You like me, you really like me.
But you gave me AIDS.
You left me far back at the crossroads of life.
It has become addicting and destructive.
I didn't plan to have a one-night-stand,
Will I die inside? I will cry inside.

Stop. (Pause)
You gave me AIDS.

Budum, Budum,
No more sex,
Not for me,
Yes sire.
Dimensions of glass,
Merged with fire,
Fibre-optic glass and machine-gun fire


Stop. (Lights sharply down).

I Want to Be a Tomarta!

My blood test came back wrong today,
I don’t know what to say,
My t-cell count was non-existent,
Where did it go?

I miss it,

I can’t discuss it anymore,
I’m sorry (Start to walk away),
Well, actually I know that they said that they got it wrong,
But what if they lied? Maybe they were confused,

Maybe I’m just crazy,
My life is interrupted at the moment,

Sometimes life is hard for me to think of being HIV +,
The Pain,
Explain what?
Explain how to say happy birthday to my parents next time?
I don’t know anymore,

Maybe I need to get high just to get by,
It might stop the thinking,
Maybe I need to have a game of kiss chase with a bottle of tablets and vodka,
But I am not trying to be a marta,
I want to be a tom-marta!



Anonymous cereal killer said...

WOW! It looks great! Thanks love!

Cereal Killer xx

3/04/2007 11:25:00 AM  

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