Wednesday, February 14, 2007

This Child is Infected with HIV/AIDS

This child is infected with HIV/AIDS. He just happens to live inside me. When each of us can look at a child and see the innocence that is there and find compassion for all sorts of ills, why is it that we can not do the same for those of us who carry an inner child inside? Each of us has a history of choices, mistakes, good and bad luck and interactions with others from our pasts which leaves us changed in fundamental ways despite the fact that our inner child is still there...desiring love, hoping for a hug, and just wanting to be made to feel safe. Why is it that we have to judge people living with HIV/AIDS based on how they were infected? Isn't this an illness? Is it any different than cancer, heart disease, or diabetes in the respect that we make daily choices that increase or decrease our risk of falling to these illnesses?

I challenge you to examine the number of times that you have heard or will hear the phrase "innocent victims of AIDS". If we all admit to carrying around our inner child, then his or her innocence should make us free of stigma, guilt and shame for the person we have become. Refuse, please, to buy into the argument for judgment of people because they are gay, bisexual, a member of a high-risk minority group, a drug-user or a sex-worker and the fact that they are infected with HIV. Something in our pasts made us all who we are today, and no one is perfect. Above all, remember that your inner child could face this illness as well. Judgment of sick people is wrong and it is a message that they should not try to get well. Let us change this behavior in our society.

Stop the stigma!



Blogger Dharmashanti said...

Thank you for making this statement. Too many of us make assumptions about other people based on one characteristic or another. Not only does this block our experience of love, it also prevents us from getting to know the people in our lives. And that is a tragedy.


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