Thursday, January 25, 2007

Don't Ask Dickie

I watched the Wolf Blitzer interview yesterday with the Vice-President of the United States, Dick Cheney. Rarely have I seen a more defensive, arrogance-filled and off-putting subject of an interview on television.

VP Cheney basically stated that the US Congress can say and do whatever it wishes about the way that he and his colleagues in the Executive Branch have micromanaged the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Effectively, it doesn't matter one iota to them what the US population and their duly-elected representatives think of the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Rove mission. Nothing will change in their approach. The only way to dissuade the administration from carrying on their failed approaches in this war is to force the Democratic leadership to cut off funding for the war. This would leave our troops in harm's way, and it would make the Democrats look heartless for leaving the troops high and dry in a foreign war. Whose interests are being served by playing politics when it is apparent that the administration is viewed as a failure by the majority of Americans?

Cheney displayed a heavy-dose of contempt for the media and for any questions about pretty much anything. My favorite line of questioning was about his soon-to-be-born grandchild. In an administration that has consistently campaigned against marriage equality and adoption rights for gays/lesbians in election years, the Veep's lesbian daughter has gone out and had herself impregnated by someone. When Wolf Blitzer asked Cheney how he felt about a condemnation by the Focus on the Family for this action by his daughter, Dick got a little puffed up. He told Wolf that he thought that the question was "out of line".

I have to wonder why is it out of line to question the actions of the Vice-President's family when his stance on LGBTQ issues has consistently fanned the flames of anti-gay rhetoric in the past? Multiple states have passed anti-gay laws to forbid gay marriage and adoption since the beginning of the Bush Administration.

Dr. Chris, host of the former blog Creole Gumbo once suggested that the Democratic leadership should propose an amendment to the US Constitution that would guarantee privacy in all aspects of one's life to American citizens. This proposed amendment could be written in such a way that would guarantee that each citizen be allowed to live his/her life as they please with regard to sexual orientation, marriage rights, procreation or the choice against it, etc., and would settle once and for all the issues of birth control, abortion and being subjected to questions by lowly journalists about your lesbian daughter and your family's apparent hypocricy. Perhaps it is time to suggest this legislation be considered as a second priority...right behind impeachment of the Vice-President and his minion in the Oval Office.



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